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Be the Parent You Needed as a Child

I can remember often feeling frustrated with the way I saw adults interact with children. The adults came across as critical, frantic, and frustrated. Not long after completing my teaching degree, I was in the same boat! Is raising children an unavoidable battle that costs us our sanity?!

No. We’re doing this to ourselves.

I’ve learned how to create an environment where my children sleep through the night, eat nutritious meals, help with chores, and play independently so we can get things done around the house! All of this without complex behavior charts or heavy-handed punishments.

If you’re frustrated with your current approach to parenting then my coaching may be for you!

When you coach with me, you’ll learn:

How to create appropriate household rules
How to manage child-parent or child-child conflicts
How to follow-through without punishments or bribery
How to teach your children to be self-reliant
How to teach your child to deal with boredom


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Kristine Cassady:

She has been applying these principles with her family for 16 years and counting. She continued to follow these principles through the teen years and enjoys a respectful relationship with all five of her children. 

Gino LoRicco:

As a parent of 8 children, some of who are adults now, and a principle over high schoolers for the last decade, Gino has been dedicated to prioritizing his relationships with children through the same principles I teach in my coaching.