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Judiciary Committee

In the real world, we all have a voice and can exercise our voice to bring about changes that align with our values. One way students can amplify their voice is by creating a committee that handles disputes and crimes between students. Ideally, the committee, referred to as the Judicial...

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The Caring Habits

One of the most powerful policies I’ve ever put in place was to see students as whole people at any age. For some, children are incomplete beings, not capable of responding to and not deserving respect. It changes the entire relationship. There are many behaviors or tactics adults...

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Free Expression

Our children and students are not products that are just being acted upon; they are people who are participating in the services we provide. Our attempts to clothe, feed, and provide sustainable shelter are services we provide to ensure their survival. Our acts of love involve...

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The Three Beliefs

The Three Beliefs The cornerstone of creating a need-satisfying learning environment is addressing assumptions and beliefs about the nature of behavior and of compulsion. I think and act in ways that I believe will help me meet a need, not because I’ve been conditioned to respond to...

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