Judiciary Committee

The Judiciary Committee (JC) is made up of students and staff from the school. The student body comes to a consensus on the rules that every individual will be governed by. Individuals who see someone breaking a rule have a responsibility to intervene or bring the individual to the attention of the JC. The JC investigates and votes on an appropriate punishment.

The JC addresses many of the factors that lead to teasing, bullying, and harassment in schools like: lack of supervision, low self-esteem, permissiveness, and even previous victims. However, the JC is also positioned to help monitor absenteeism, littering, loitering, and treatment by teachers.

The Judiciary Committee is built on several key principles:

  • All children can learn kindness and respect by observing and experiencing it from the adults who care for them.
  • Everyone participates in the Judiciary Committee.
  • The Judiciary Committee meets daily to address complaints or suits against staff or students.
  • Behavior is everyone’s responsibility.

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