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I’m a married father of three young children, currently 5, 3, and less than 1 year old. I like playing music, video games, watching movies occasionally, talking with friends, and debating education and politics. I come from a few different places when it comes to education and politics and that’s what I’d like to tell you more about today.

My biggest concern is that students have limited voice in how their education unfolds. I think this manifests itself in increasing mental health issues among students.

My Story

I was a typical apathetic kid in high school. Didn’t want school, wanted politics even less. I just wanted to be left to do my own thing. Didn’t desire a lot of friends but stayed close to the ones I had. Staying current with the news never was my thing. I went to church with family, sat through countless hours of boring classes, and waited for opportunities to hang out with my girlfriend or play basketball.

That pattern continued into early adulthood except it became more about playing music than basketball. It wasn’t until I discovered¬†what faith meant to me that I unlocked the love of learning, understanding, and forgiveness. I didn’t understand how important mercy and justice were until I came to understand the Christian story. My favorite verse from scripture that speaks to this is Micah 6:8, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” New International Version.

It was a little while longer until I discovered the importance of humility. I trampled quite a few people in the short time that I took on more of an evangelistic role. My faith is the foundation for all the work I do. Without it, there was no love or respect on which to build.

My Purpose

Now, I find myself mostly advocating for the rights of children in schools. I feel like our schools are trying so many things to get these kids in line and much of it is not only ineffective, but it’s backfiring.

Our children are less and less happy.

Their lives are full of entertainment but little value. I try to help everyone I meet understand that children deserve our respect, and if we can give them that, we’re going to get it right back.

I hope you enjoy by site and that you find it valuable!

Philip Mott

I've been working with families for two decades now. I write about topics pertaining to parents of children ages 4-12.

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