Straightforward Parenting Advice for Busy and Frustrated Moms and Dads

You’ve tried the punishments: Screen time, time outs, spanking, and grounding. You may have tried some bribes: Money, stickers, presents, privileges, and even using your own praise as a bribe. Doesn’t it seem like all of this puts pressure on the relationship?

Educators, business leaders, managers, counselors – it’s always about the relationship. I think it’s time we adopt this mantra for the most important relationship in the world – the one we have with our children.

The advice here is unconventional. I have strategies I recommend like extended playtime, keeping toys simple, having firm boundaries, teaching less, and don’t judge behavior, but all of my advice is aimed at building a collaborative relationship with your child – not “getting them to do” certain things.

Notice: The advice on this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for work with a mental health professional.

About Me

Philip Mott was a reluctant learner, turned elementary teacher, turned homeschooling father. After graduating high school with a GPA of 2.2 and then shifting often between jobs he pursued higher education at the age of 26 and worked to earn a spot on the Dean’s List each semester. Five years of teaching led him to realize the timeline imposed on students was incongruent with the way learning most often happens. His experiences drove him to explore learning methods which honor the learner, the teacher, and learning itself. Philip lives in Indiana with his wife and three children.