Our Homes Are Different

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Do you have to have a book nook? SHOULD you have a book nook? Come on. No. That’s crazy. We’re so weird. — Jack Schneider (@Edu_Historian) January 17, 2018 I’ve followed Jack’s Twitter @edu_historian for a while now and this one really caught my attention. This articulates the privilege I feel as a white man, […]

What is it Worth

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My son, 4-years-old, loves to watch some videos with us before bed. We allow it. We open up the YouTube app and we put in a keyword for him to start his search. He totally judges videos by their cover. He mostly loves videos of tractors and monster trucks; he also likes unboxing videos of […]

Places People Belong

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I reconnected with an instructor from college and found out what she’s been up to. I told her that she was one of the first to expose me to Constructivism, the learning framework I feel most closely represents the truth about how children learn. She’s currently working as a teacher in a hospital for students […]

Family Afternoon

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Five hours. Six kids. A hatchet. A fire. Zero drama. My family discovered self-directed learning at the end of summer 2016. We’ve been reflecting on the ideas and putting them into practice regularly with our own children with a lot of amazing adventures so far. And when I say “amazing” this is what I mean: […]

Deming’s Third Point

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One of the most profound things I’ve heard W.E. Deming say was, “You cannot inspect quality into a product.” I’m using Deming’s 14 points, originally used as a framework for addressing the crisis in American manufacturing in the 70s and 80s, to understand some of the systemic behaviors parents can end up using as the leaders […]

The Whole Child

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What are the needs of my child? I can sum them up in William Glasser’s 5 words: survival, love, power, freedom, and fun. Here’s the tricky part though; each individual not only needs different amounts of these things but different ideas, people, and places actually meet each need. Reading nonfiction articles and books about education […]

I Have Tried Everything

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My many thanks to Teacher Tom, Tom Hobson, for the inspiration of this post. “You can serve children healthy food, but you can’t make them eat. So quit trying. You can put children into their bed, but you can’t make them sleep. So quit trying.” I’ve halfway joked with people who’ve said, “I’ve tried everything […]

About Me

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 I’m a married father of two young children, currently 2 and 4 years old. I like playing music, video games, watching movies occasionally, talking with friends, and debating education and politics. I come from a few different places when it comes to education and politics and that’s what I’d like to tell you more about […]